Srebrenica like many towns and villages around the world has sadly entered into history as place where happened biggest massacre in Europe after World War II. In several days in July of 1995 over 8000 men and boys were killed.

During visit to Memorial Center in Potocari and Srebrenica you will learn all about history of Srebrenica, Srebrenica being UN protected zone and fall of Srebrenica as well the genocide that happened afterwards.

Your guide is an expert on Srebrenica who has collaborated with Association of Women of Srebrenica, Memorial Gallery 11.07.1995 and as well with foreign journalists who wrote articles on Srebrenica.

Visit to Srebrenica is daily at 08:00h*, in period from July to November the tour will not be running.

Minimum three persons per tour, maximum is seven as we like to keep tours small in order everyone is able to get the most out of it. Price is 120 Marks per person (~60 Euros but will be paid in Marks). Visit to Srebrenica is a whole day excursion. Pre-booking is required.

We pick you up from your hostel/hotel.

5% of income goes to a charity/project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Booking of tour can be made through application below.

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