Dinner with a Bosnian family in their home

Want to have a home away from home? Then this tour is perfect for you.

You will have dinner with a Bosnian family in their home, hear how is daily life for them, eat Bosnian meals that you don’t find that often in restaurants, drink homemade rakija, local beer.

Tour is daily at 20:30h*.

Minimum is three persons per tour and maximum is ten as we like to keep tours small in order everyone is able to get the most out of it. Pre-booking is required, we strongly recommend booking quite in advance as it takes a while for the dinner to be organised.

Duration of tour is 1,5-2 hours, price is 70 Marks (~35 Euros but will be paid in Marks)

Included is dinner (starters, main meal and dessert) and drinks.


Booking of tour can be made through application below.

In period from July to November the tour will be running only on certain dates.

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